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Pee-wee Forever sticker and enamel pin bundle set
Pee-wee Herman:  Pee-wee Forever Bundle

Pee-wee Herman: Pee-wee Forever Bundle

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Sticker, pin, sticker, pin. Can't make a choice? Connect the dots (la, la, la) with the “Pee-wee Forever” bundle and you won't have to! Celebrate your passion for Pee-wee Herman with both a waterproof sticker and the equally charming enamel pin. Get both at a special bundle-only price – it's a win-win!

Enamel pin is 1.5" tall and the sticker is approximately 2.5" wide.

Tattoo art inspired by Chris Garver, as seen in “The Official Pee-wee Herman Fun Book” (2010)